Amazon Cacao is a part of the Amazon Pueblo nonprofit project.  Our mission is to support the education of Amazonian indigenous youth to encourage sustainable business.  All profit from the sale of chocolate goes towards the support of our mission.

We see chocolate production and selling as a possible long-term solution to the lack of employment in indigenous communities of the Amazon.

The director of Amazon Pueblo with a cacao seedling

Why is it a solution?

  1. Cacao, the tree from which chocolate is made, may have originally developed in this area of the Amazon.  It grows very well.
  2. There may soon be a world-wide chocolate shortage.  With the combination of climate change and mismanagement in chocolate producing countries, we may be seeing a chocolate shortage in the coming years.  
  3. Our region of the Amazon IS NOT forecast to have a decrease in water due to climate change.
  4. We have the water, the climate, a willing workforce, and the waterway of the Amazon River to economically transport our chocolate.
We are about 200 miles (as the crow flies) from Iquitos, the area in the center
of the highest cacao genetic diversity.

So, we have been encouraging the people in indigenous villages of the Colombian Amazon to grow cacao, the tree from we we produce chocolate.  It takes three years from planting cacao until it produces the pods from which we can make the chocolate.

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