What better way to tell our story than with pictures!

Members of the Association of Cacao Growers of San Francisco.

Arcecio Rendon, the owner of Makambun Chocolate company in Leticia.
Arcecio is also the legal representative of the cacao association.

Checking out the growing cacao pods.

Over 30 people belong to the cacao association in San Francisco.

After the pods are harvested (twice per year) the cacao beans must be removed.

The empty pods after removing the beans.

Three large macambo pods.

These macambo pods are very similar to the cacao pods, but their beans are more
 tightly packed.  Macambo are more hearty, both pods and tree, than cacao.

The macambo seeds drying in the hot tropical sun.
Many cacao seeds.

After being brought to Leticia the beans are roasted.

The cacao grinder.

We also help the villagers to receive education and we give help with business development.

Teaching about sustainable business.

Planting cacao seeds in nursery bags.

The student we sponsor are filling the bags.  They learning about planting and cacao while they
are filling the bags.

The seedlings are growing nicely.

These seedlings are ready to plant!

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